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August Video Newsletter

In this special edition, Sandy Bell introduces us to Dr. Kara Davies, our new Associate Director! Also featured, several new staff and some familiar faces taking on new leadership roles! We hope you enjoy!

July Video Newsletter

Ashley Goodpaster is back with a 4th of July recap and announcements about our new additions for our summer trips. Enjoy!

Happy Independence Day

Our 4th of July is full of laughs, smiles, fellowship, water activities, and many other fun things on campus today! We hope everyone has a safe and healthy Independence Day!

Champions Rise!

By: Jen Horseman After 3 long years away from Summer Games it felt amazing to return to the sunlight and fresh cut grass at EKU! With 63 athletes in tow, we participated in three main sports: Soccer, Bocce, and Track and Field. So many of our athletes worked tirelessly to prepare for their competition. Weeks […]

Did You Know – Memorial Day

It all started on May 5, 1868, (three years after the civil war came to an end) the head of an      organization of Union veterans known as the Grand Army of the Republic created Decoration Day, which was a time to decorate the graves of deceased war veterans. Major General John A. Logan decided to […]

Family Week Video Recap

Thank you to everyone involved who helped make our 2022 Family Week special. We hope you enjoy this final montage that highlights each one of our special events. #familyweek2022 #familyforever

Family Week – THE LOST BOYS!

The finale of Family Week was a special outdoor concert by The Lost Boys! Check the highlights out below from the concert that included appearances from Tony Tall Man and the Bubble Truck!

Family Week Closing Ceremony 5-13-22

Before the Lost Boys took the stage, we met one last time to recap a wonderful week. What was your favorite activity? Thanks for joining us this year on YouTube, we will see you in person next year!

Family Week Music Production 5-12-22

Michael Ghant and the Music Department showcased an amazing display of talents on the pavilion stage! Bravo to all of our performers!

Family Week Parade 5-11-22

Thanks to everyone who participated in our parade! Many amazing floats, cars, and performances. Also, at the end of the video you will see highlights from our fishing tournament and picnic!

Opening Ceremony – FAMILY WEEK 2022

Family Week is off to a fun and entertaining start. Here is a recording of our Opening Ceremonies from yesterday morning! Enjoy!

SHS Video Newsletter with Ashley Goodpaster 4/8/22

Ashley Goodpaster announces some big news regarding off campus activities. She also recaps the popular basketball season and then heads up to the art room to try and get a sneak peek at the Horse Mania horse! Does she succeed?