A residential school for people of all ages with intellectual disabilities.

To live

What does it mean to truly live? To have a life you can love? We are devoted to finding out how our students answer those questions. Their answers are all as unique as they are and it is amazing to learn how often they agree. Having friends who share your interests, who reach back when you reach out, who look forward to seeing you every day and who can always be counted on to “be there”—the consistency and longevity of staff and student commitment to Stewart Home & School make life a joy!

To learn

We are so very blessed that we are a school! Every day we learn from our experiences! Whether in the classroom with intentional, progress oriented instruction or at activities, learning never stops. We are very proud to be the only school in the country for people with intellectual disabilities that has no upper age limit. Our oldest student is 84! We are excited to see students of all ages learning and growing and far exceeding even their own expectations. How great is that?!

To love

How can you help but to love an environment that is dedicated to the security and prosperity of its people? As we elect our mayor each year, candidates vie for the votes of their fellow students by speaking of the things they want to do, the places they want to go, and the goals they want to achieve. Learning to live together to help each other achieve these goals is our “pursuit of happiness” and has as its highest aim, the success of each student. It is not uncommon to hear “I love it here!” and when asked why, to hear it answered, “I just do!”

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Latest News

Richie’s Restaurant Review

On Wednesday we went to the Fayette Mall and I had a pizza from SBARRO pizza. The food was good and warm. I would recommend the pizza to people who like to shop at the Fayette Mall. Merry Christmas!

A letter from the Mayor

Hello from Pensacola. I hope everyone is enjoying  the holidays. We went  to Jackson, MS this year for Thanksgiving. I was glad to see my family, We had  so much fun being  together. My aunt had  a plaque made  for me with my full name on it & mayor on it. She had it on […]

Students Participate In Christmas Parade

SHS Students Participate in a 66-Year-Old Franklin County Parade Tradition Seventeen of our wonderful students enjoyed riding on the 2014 Christmas Float from Stewart Home & School on December, 6, in the Jaycee’s Christmas Parade in Frankfort, Kentucky. Our “angels” waved and cheered, entertaining the crowds on the sidewalks, earning them the Christmas Spirit Award! […]

Christmas Giving

Christmas Giving “Is Awesome” !   On Monday we took a group of students to Walmart to shop for two children on the Angel Tree in spirit of Christmas giving. We had so much fun! Zach was in charge of pushing the cart while Alan and Kaci were on the lookout for items on our […]