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Secondary Transition Reduces Anxiety

Andrew’s Transition We have seen many wonderful changes in Andrew since his transition to Stewart Home School two years ago. The first and most obvious change has been in his physical appearance. His healthy eating and very active lifestyle have made a striking physical change. He is a new boy!!! Andrew’s transition to living at SHS […]

Autism Pride Day

Autism Pride Day – A Time to Reflect For me Autism Pride Day is a time to reflect back on the progress my son Daniel has made and to remember all those along the way who have helped him live happily and now somewhat independently with his diagnosis. His teachers and aides have always brought […]

Family Visits Family

I would like to share my appreciation and affection for everyone at Stewart who helps my dear sister Carolyn have such a fine life there. Every time I visit it seems to get better….. for me AND Carolyn; I hope you all take as much pleasure from your gifts of care and peace of mind and security that you provide […]

Transitioning From A Sibling’s Perspective

Lessons from James: A Sibling’s Reflection On Learning to Think Outwardly written by Kempton Presley  My brother James wasn’t able to attend my high school with me. To tell you the truth, he didn’t attend high school at all or make it too far beyond the second grade. James has an intellectual disability that makes […]