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Teacher Does What?

More Than A Teacher Cookies, worms, soda, Mentos, laundry detergent, buckets, and potatoes. You might be asking yourself what in the world these items have in common!? Just ask teacher and correspondent, Linda Word. “What a weird looking shopping cart,” she said, as she scooted through Wal-Mart on her lunch break recently. Being a teacher […]

Hygiene and Grooming

  Hygiene is a subject we talk about almost daily here at Stewart Home & School. We even have a grooming class where students focus solely on their grooming and hygiene habits. Students learn about brushing, flossing, hand washing, and many other activities, using props to help illustrate. Our latest topic is germs. How are […]


“Annie” Review   “Annie” – the brand new live action musical movie starring Jamie Fox and Cameron Diaz is one of the best musicals of 2014. It is better than the original movie “Annie”. The stars, music, songs and the storyline of the new version are super and fantastic!!! All the Stewart Home School students […]

Oral Motor Development

What exactly is “oral motor development” and why is it important? written by Art Therapy Instructor Jennifer Anderson Usually the term “oral motor development” refers to the use and function of the lips, jaw, teeth, tongue, soft palate and hard palate. Each part has to work together properly to perform tasks successfully (think eating, drinking). […]

Sensory Integration Activities: An Academic Spotlight

Sensory Integration Activities Pre- Academic Computer Lab is created to enhance and provide our students who are Pre-K through 1st Grade level access to technology to explore their interests, as well as enhance sensory integration in the classroom.  This month we are working with Touch Screen Kidz devices to introduce our students to sensory integration […]

Current Events Class; Surprises

Many Surprises in Current Events Class written by Barry Banker, Current Events teacher, as an Academic Spotlight Current events class was very lively class today—partially because the weather was sunny and 63 degrees which made everyone feel good. I asked everyone what was their favorite Spring “thing”.    Flowers, green trees, and warmth were at the […]