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Do Unto Others -Sarah’s View

What are you doing for others? It means you are helping other people, not just yourself. Not only did God make you, but he made other people. We are all special in His eyes. God made us equally – not just for himself, but for other people. Other people might be different than you. They […]

Music And A Bell Choir

“Join a choir and a handbell choir.” This is a part of the Sarah’s View Series. I have been around music since I was young and I appreciate music. I love it. Any kind of music. I love music because it makes me feel relaxed and it calms me down. And singing I am smiling […]

Enjoy the Moment

“Watch a sunset, Enjoy the Moment” This post is part of the Sarah’s View series.  Enjoy the sun setting at night and enjoy the beauty of the sky and nature. Enjoy the moment! It is so important to enjoy the moment so you can see how beautiful things are. Enjoy the company. When I color […]

Down Syndrome Love

Down Syndrome Day I am excited about the celebration of Down syndrome. I am excited for a lot of reasons. It’s very touching. It makes me feel so happy and excited to see other’s faces when they come in and do the buddy walk. It makes me feel so great inside that I am involved with […]

Be Polite, Please and Thank you

Be Polite! This post is part of the Sarah’s View Series. Saying please and thank you, I think it is very polite. Wherever you go, it could be restaurant, going home with your family, being polite always shows. To thank them for helping them. It is important to be nice to people or anybody. Politeness […]