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Alisa’s Thankful Thoughts

I’m thankful for snow for what pure beautiful scenery it can create on this campus and to make snow angels, and also to make snowmen!

Alisa’s Thankful Thoughts

I am thankful for all of the nurses and doctors out in the world and especially the nurses at Stewart Home School.

My Name Is Katie

My name is Katie. I am 19 years old. I am from Henderson, TN. I have been counting down the days till it was time for me to go back (to Stewart Home School). I like it so far since I have been back. I live on self care and I like all the people […]

Meet Zach

Zach is 13 and a half. He comes to us from Saudi Arabia (where his family currently lives. [originally from North Carolina]) He loves ALL sports and is looking forward to participating in a lot of Special Olympics sports. He also enjoys playing tennis, golfing, and swimming. He is looking forward to his new classes […]

Meeting Michael

Michael is one of our newest students here at Stewart Home & School. He came to us this past Tuesday, August 12th.  He attended a Lexington school growing up, while living at home and now as an adult he has been enrolled at Stewart.  Michael is from Lexington, Kentucky. He is very excited to be […]

Meet Martin

Meet our new student, Martin. Martin  is 17 years old and comes to us from Houston Texas.  He loves watching movies especially Barney, The Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid.  He also loves working puzzles and playing games !

Our New Student, Andrew, is here!

Stewart Home School’s new student, Andrew, has started his summer schedule! He is from Atlanta, Ga., and is 21 years old.  He loves to listen to music (Barney and Sesame Street are his favorites).  Andrew can’t wait to go on his first town trip and eat spaghetti and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Andrew also loves […]

Nadia is back for Summer!

Nadia is one of our returning students for the Summer.  This means she is back just in time for all the fun summer activities!!! Nadia is from Jamaica, she is 26 years old. Some of the fun activities Nadia likes to do are swimming, horseback riding and she likes to play basketball. While here for […]

Sweet Sophia

Sophia is 15 and she comes to us from Austin Texas.  She loves animals, especially dogs, cats and horses.  She likes to listen to music and watch the Disney Chanel and Disney Movies.  Welcome, Sophia!!

Serious Competition

Look at the intensity on their faces. Some serious competition going on here.

Four Generations Visit Stewart Home School

What an amazing experience we had this week! Our newest student, Rylee and her mother were uprooted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Rylee went to live with her grandparents and great grandparents as her mother found work in Washington, D.C. So, four generations, from three states came to us! Rylee, we are so glad you […]

New Students – Summer 2012 – Chris

Chris returns to Stewart Home School for his 3rd summer, and we are so glad! Chris is very athletic and loves to play sports: from tennis to softball and basketball. Chris enjoys swimming with the students during the day, and has been very active in his classes, as well.