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Student Spotlight – Alison

Independent Living – A Promotion Alison has been a student at Stewart Home & School since June 2001! We have had the pleasure of watching her grow from a pre-teen cutie into a beautiful young lady! During the week, Alison is in classes half a day. When she is not in class, she is working […]

Fine Creativity

Creativity and Imagination There is nothing better than supporting creativity and imagination! In what better class to do so than Fine Arts? Peggy Mucci allows her students to run with their ideas and imagination to keep students engaged and happy in the classroom. “We come up with an idea and we just go with it,” […]

Beneficial Activities In Play

Beneficial Activities Fridays are “Free Days” in grooming class. Free days are for the students who participated in class all week long and who stayed engaged throughout the lessons. Although this is a “free” day, students still choose from beneficial activities such as brushing an animals’ teeth, matching games, shape sorting, puzzles, and Mr. Potato […]

Classroom Composting

Composting In the Classroom Composting can be an educational process in the classroom as your students learn about recycling, decomposition, and caring for the environment. In science class, students are currently learning about recycling and the different ways we can recycle. Composting is just one example of recycling. In science class students used old two-liter […]

Start of the Summer Schedule

Summer Learning A new semester is starting as students transition into their summer schedules here at Stewart Home & School, a residential school for students of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Students are buzzing around talking about the different summer classes and activities that are available, as well as new summer trips and outings. “We […]

Sharon’s Movie Review – “The Jungle Book”

“The Jungle Book” is Disney’s best newest-up-to-date action movie that has come out this year. All of the Stewart Home School got to go see it. I five is 5 stars and 2 thumbs up, everybody thoroughly enjoyed it. “The Jungle Book” is a story about when the fearsome tiger Shere-Khan – who is the […]

Fine Motor Dough

Fine Motor Activity Play dough isn’t just for kids! Play dough is a great fine motor activity which can help with dexterity due to such conditions as arthritis… and it’s fun, too!   Duplo blocks are another manipulative that helps with fine motor dexterity. Much like Legos but are a little easier to work with. […]

Artwork Inspired

During our two art therapy workshops (as well as in private art therapy lessons) we have been talking more about abstract art and cubism. Along with those styles of art, we have been focusing more on a handful of artists, including Wassily Kandinsky (who might sound familiar from previous projects we have done), Paul Klee, […]

Amanda Rocks Her (Home)Work

I am so proud of Amanda in more ways than one. Due to Amanda’s busy schedule of working in the Equestrian Center during my reading class, I don’t get to see her. She has taken it upon herself to come get her class work and she does it on her own time! Amanda then comes […]

Sunrise – Sarah’s View

Enjoy It All I took this photo in the early morning when I woke up. It reminded me of the view that I have seen in California. The hills. The color of the sky. It is just so beautiful. Before I took these pictures, I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. In a […]

Making Others Feel Important, is Important

“Look For Ways In Making Others Feel Important” This post is part of the Sarah’s View Series.  Everyone’s not perfect and we all try our best to be important… I feel bad when I don’t feel important because people see me as not important and it makes me think that I am not being the right […]

Dancing – Girl Style

   Girl Style Talent Madison, Tiff, Tina and Liz are born dancers! They got rhythm and soul. As does most of my group. They can pickup any dance I throw at them almost immediately, but as you can see their own choreography rivals Anything I could come up with! Here is a video of many […]