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Yoga Benefits for Those With Special Needs

We have been practicing yoga at SHS for almost five years!


Can you believe it’s been that long?!?!?! Students take my class for a number of reasons. Some have physical issues that yoga can help improve or soothe. Some students have little flexibility while others are in yoga class because they want/need to improve muscle tone. Then some students practice yoga solely for the calming and relaxing benefits that yoga has.

I have been thinking lately about how our students have progressed in those five years…off the top of my head, I can think of one student who had chronic knee pain and could barely get down on the floor…now she is not only able to get up and down more easily, but she says yoga makes her feel good and it’s something she looks forward to a few times a week. Another student who has little flexibility says she is able to hold poses for longer and has more flexibility than when she first started. Having students tell me those kinds of things and better yet SHOW me those things is the most amazing feeling EVER!

While in class this week, I asked the students why they liked our class.Their answers varied but I thought they were very insightful:

“I love yoga. It’s awesome and cool. It’s my favorite. I like to do the jellyfish pose.” — Alan

“I love yoga very much. It makes me happy!” — Rosemary

“I like to do double pigeon pose.” — Jon

“I like yoga because it’s fun.” — Jennifer

And Gianna says she likes our class because she likes savasana (the restful conclusion to our yoga class)

Our yogis enjoy our class for a variety of reasons. They have improved their balance and flexibility, found ways to alleviate anxiety…all on their own. I try to make our classes purposeful, but also relaxing and fun. Our students are busy and I like to think of my class as a little break in their day. We all should make sure we have a small break during the day, our own savasana.




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