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Volunteer Opportunities

Stewart Home & School students desire volunteer opportunities.

Our relationship with the Access Soup Kitchen & Men’s Shelter is an educational and rewarding one which is dedicated to serving others and a chance to volunteer in the Frankfort community.

Once a month throughout the year, students help in the preparation of  food and serving lunch to those who visit the soup kitchen. Students earn this opportunity in the classroom and on campus. It is a desired opportunity to volunteer at the soup kitchen and our students value the opportunity each month.

When we get there, hands are washed and assignments are given. That could mean opening cans, cutting onions, mixing, making dumplings, getting things on the cooking sheet to go in the oven, stirring chili, or putting hot dogs in water, making tea or lemonade, just to name a few. Oh, and rolling silverware is something the girls really enjoy doing!

Only a few students volunteer at one time so all can participate without being left out.  It is a rewarding and fun experience for our students to volunteer and to meet people in the Frankfort community.  I enjoy watching the students sit with others and having a good conversation while enjoying their own lunch after they have served others on the line.

“I like volunteering because I get to help people,” said Mark. “Because sometimes we can’t do things for ourselves and it makes me feel nice that I get to help as much as I can.”

Thanks to Stewart Home “you have been served”!

– Kusum Neal

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