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Vocational Spotlight – 10 years!

Sally has been at her job for 10 years now! Wow! We are so proud of her accomplishments and sticking to it for 1o years. She is a hard worker and looks forward to every shift she works. Listen as she talks about her fun job. She received a letter from the Vice President of her job congratulating her on her 10 year anniversary!

Stewart Home & School vocational programs offer several types of work opportunities for our vocational special needs students, ranging from community employment, on-campus employment and volunteer positions.

Our Off-Campus Opportunities allow students to work in the community of Frankfort. Employers include restaurants such as Johnny Carino’s, O’Charley’s, Frisch’s, Fazoli’s, Dairy Queen, Sonic and others.

We also have students who work and/or volunteer at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, day care centers, an animal shelter and nursing homes.





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