Victor Pushes Through - Stewart Home & School

Victor Pushes Through

Talent Found in Pushups

Victor comes from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a high-scoring member of the
Raptors basketball team, who also enjoys swimming, bowling, movies, and
computers. Victor is an animal lover, and rides regularly. He is an
active member of the outdoor adventure club, who also enjoys sitting
quietly, reading and learning about wildlife.

Stewart Home & School is one-of-a-kind community.  Most special education programs end at age 21, and then adult settings focus on vocational options and daily living skills.  Stewart Home & School assigns each person with special needs a special education plan in addition to goals for vocational placement, social maturity growth and daily living skills training.  Working together with the student, his/her family and the school faculty, each plan is implemented on a year-round, three-semester basis and schedules are adjusted as needed.

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