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Tuesday Talent – “Positive Package”

“One Big Exciting, Positive Package”

Emily is one of the most positive students we have here at Stewart Home & School.  Emily is from Birmingham, AL.  She has been a resident for almost 7 years.  When she first came to Stewart Home she was using a three-wheel walker to get around.  This was good for her but not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Emily has a very strong, loving, supportive and positive family! With their help and with Emily’s positive attitude she was soon able to swap the walker in for canes and at times can even walk a short distance without the canes.  I believe her positive attitude and knowing that she has the love and support from everyone has helped her achieve this goal.

Through her positive outlook on all things she has inspired others to reach out and achieve things they did  not think was possible either.  Emily is able to smile and light up a room.  She encourages others by being just Emily, then add to that the ability to cheer others on – she is one big exciting and positive package that is unstoppable and unbeatable.  Emily is one of the many shining stars here at Stewart Home & School!!  We love having you here and encouraging all in a positive way that you do for everyone. Your super talent is being the positive and loving person that you are!!

Stewart Home & School is a residential school for people of all ages with special needs. The mission of Stewart Home & School is the complete and total care of its students and the fulfillment of all their needs – physical, educational, social, vocational and spiritual. The faculty of the school program has experience with the learning styles of people with Autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Williams syndrome, as well as other intellectual disability diagnoses.  It is the objective of the school program to create successful learning experiences for all students and to consistently reinforce the students’ enthusiastic motivation for participation and further growth.  There are high expectations for each individual and it is a joy to see successes celebrated each day!

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