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Tuesday Talent: Continuous Joy

It is hard to explain the feeling you experience when the students first enter your classroom each day. The smiles, hugs and welcomes are one of the best parts of the day and it never grows old. Especially with students like Geoffrey. Each morning, I can hear him coming down the hall. Just before he enters the door he announces “I’m here!” Geoff enters the room ready for the day. He brings with him a huge smile, full heart and whatever awesome object he chooses to carry for the day. Some days it’s his Fire It Up book bag. He doesn’t carry anything in it, but he takes the very best care of this sweet backpack like a dear friend. Some days it may be a picture of one of his loving family members, current staff that are dear to him and sometimes staff that have passed on that he still holds dear to his heart. These precious possessions mean the world to Geoff. He loves bringing them to class to show these to everyone. Of course, how could we forget the radios! Geoff loves to carry his little radios. He even has names for them. “Mr Jensen”, “Little Blue Boy” and he even has a name for the radio on my phone “Lil Pinkie”. Geoff holds the radios like a treasure as he sings and dances to any song he hears. I don’t think I have ever played or even hummed a song Geoff didn’t know.   Classical, Rock, Country and even Disco! Geoff sings each word with all of his heart and dances with all of his soul. At the end of each school day, Geoffrey likes to be the last one out. He likes to check on his other friends, the school buses. He checks on the location of each one through the windows.  Stewart Home has “Big Boy School Bus” which he sometimes calls “Rock N Roll School Bus”, “Redmond” and “BlueBird”. He names them all. And after Geoffrey has checked on all of the buses, he waves goodbye to everyone as he says to us all “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He blesses us all each and every day!

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  1. Tracy Schultz McIntosh says:

    Geoff is my cousin. I am so glad to learn more about him. With a mother, sibs, in-laws, and nephews and a niece as great as his, I knew he had to be an interesting and special person. He may never meet me, but I love him, pray for him, and am proud of the man he is.

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