A Tribute to Dr. Stewart - Stewart Home & School

A Tribute to Dr. Stewart

This is a sad day for all of us. We had a very close love, one that went to Heaven. Dr. Stewart was an excellent man for a leader, a father figure, as a best friend. He has captured all of our hearts from his way of his duties for this school to make it a home for every student and a very loved place for all staff that worked here. So, I want to give a thank you to the Stewarts and his families for sharing this brilliant man with us. You have my deepest sympathy. He will always be in a special place in all of our hearts. I want to say one more thing. I remember every time Dr. Stewart saw me he would give me a compliment in saying, “You look even more beautiful every time I see you.” Thank you for that, I will always cherish it in my heart like everyone will cherish and treasure his memories we had of him.



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