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Nothing Beats Tradition

Tradition of Love

Nothing beats tradition. And every family has one. Whether it be attending your town’s festivities, hosting your own party at home, driving to the in-laws, or staying home in your favorite recliner, every tradition is unique to your family and equally as special. Stewart Home & School is no different. Stewart Home & School has the deepest, most proud tradition on the Fourth of July. Not only do students celebrate the independence of the USA, but students continue to celebrate our fourth generation Dr. Stewart’s birthday as they dress in their patriotic gear and and wave their American flags. Walking down to the pavilion for a picnic and engaging in special afternoon activities is only part of the tradition. Some students only know the Fourth of July as Dr. Stewart’s birthday, celebrating with him as they grew up at SH&S. Fireworks and all are to celebrate this dedicated man’s day of birth. That’s one way to celebrate freedom!

Looking around, it’s hard not to get emotional about our freedoms in this beautiful country. Our students walking about in a protected and warm environment amongst their peers is about as free as you can get. And we don’t find Dr. Stewart’s birthday on the fourth as being a coincidence. The tradition this man continued and passed on to his children, Dr. Johnny, Jean Ann, Cathy, and Charles, is irreplaceable and represents freedom in the simplest of ways. Love. We are free to love who we want and to shout it from the rooftops. And as you walk around campus on a daily basis, you here “I love you!” more times than one can count. (No rooftops were involved in the making of this blog post.) Love empowers our students to be free to be who they are born to be while lifting each other up. The love the students share changes a person. What better tradition is there?

The beautiful thing about freedom is it can be described in so many different ways. You could simply list the rights that each and every person has here in the USA… but freedom is much more than that. Freedom is the ability to live life to the fullest, bring joy to others, fulfilling dreams, and a place where judgement doesn’t exist. Freedom and love are both traditions that Stewart Home & School has and are traditions that we hope to continue for many, many more years to come.

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  1. Karen Fishman says:

    Beautiful statement!

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