Thanksgiving Notes from Jean Ann Stewart Banker - Stewart Home & School

Thanksgiving Notes from Jean Ann Stewart Banker

In my evening prayers, I always thank God and ask him to bless all of the employees, as well as the students at Stewart Home School. Today, I want to take a moment to thank all the employees who work at Stewart Home School.

If I were to ask any of them why they work at SHS, it would always come down to one word: Love. It is the love of young (and young at heart) people, the love of teaching, the love of caring for others, love of colleagues, love of the peculiar rhythms of the school year and the love of year after year participating (in a deeply personal way) in the lives of the students.

Being on campus last week – seeing the festive fall decor and watching the SHS Mayor’s speeches lifted my spirits. The videos and speeches were so impressive. I know a great deal of time and energy went into helping each candidate present his or her best. All the candidates were encouraging and cheering for each other and the process. The entire program was just one of a multitude of examples of our employees’ impressive work. As guides, mentors, instructors and friends, they care of the students with tireless devotion and meticulous care. They work hard every day to create a loving, caring community and I thank each one of them!

May each of you and your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


Jean Ann Stewart Banker