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Thankful Writing

Thankful Reading and Writing

November is a special month for us at Stewart Home & School.  We are thankful all year long for many different things.  I decided this year we would write about some in my Reading A class. We made Thursday our writing day.  We have done all kinds of writing so far this year. I know when we do writing and I put the writings out in the hall everyone loves to read them and try to find their writing.  The first thing we did to get started was Bushels of Thanks.  That is the main bulletin board to get the mind going.  All of my class are grateful for family, friends, health, homes, food, and then other.  Other is a bushel where they put one or more things on it that they are grateful for.  The other baskets all have apples with everyone’s name on them.  The other bushel of apples has friends names, pets name, and specific friends, family, and even food that they are grateful for.

I hoped to expand the minds of my students with the “I am thankful” writing to get them to think harder and list as much as they could.  I am very proud of the outcome of this activity.  We worked hard and we are thankful for all things from food, family, Stewart Home and so much more.  Classes 12, 11, 8, 14, 15, 10, AP, and GED along with myself wish everyone a wonderful, thankful and very grateful Thanksgiving.

Michelle Penrod

Reading A Teacher and Correspondent

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