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Down Syndrome Awareness

Students Help Plan Down Syndrome Walk

In July of this year, two students, Sarah and Amber, and I joined the planning committee of the Down Syndrome Association of Kentucky’s annual Walk for Down Syndrome (and we were eagerly welcomed, might I add).  Sarah and Amber quickly agreed to undertake any project that needed to be completed.  Their zest and enthusiasm to do the work was never lacking!

One of those projects was reaching out to city and state political officials to attend the walk.  Without any assistance on my part, Sarah reached out to Congressman Andy Barr and single-handedly arranged for him to attend the walk.

The walk, and all of our hard work, culminated in an outstanding walk that was attended by 2,000 people on a snowy Saturday morning.  Their love and enthusiasm for the cause was nothing short of beautiful!

And on walk day?  Congressman Barr was the only city/public official that was able to attend.  Sarah had done a better job than I, or anyone else for that matter.  What a success!

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