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Swimming Local

Swimming is an all-year activity for our students at Stewart Home & School, but only during the summer do we get to play outside and take a dip in the cool water!

“We love swimming !” said Roper.

Who doesn’t love swimming? Soak up a little sun, take a dip in the cool water and let loose while splashing around. While watching the students swimming at Juniper Hill Pool, the students each take away a different experience from the morning adventure. A couple of the students take the time to show off while jumping off the diving boards. “Check out my canon ball!” said Tim. Of course he poses right before tucking his knees up and making a big splash… not only in the water, but with the lifeguards, too. (o: Victor says, “Oh no!” right before every person jumps off the diving boards. He watches the students jump and then like watching them swimming to the side to get back in line. Victor loves jumping off the boards himself, but I think he enjoys watching everyone scream and jump, although I am not sure how he can “see” them when he covers his eyes before they hit the water!!! swimming Juniper Hill Park was dedicated in 1956 and is the city’s oldest park. It encompasses 124 acres, including 94 acres in the golf course, and is located on the west side of Frankfort. It includes tennis courts that our students use multiple times a week during the summer months, a golf course that our students love playing on, a playground that rivals any new park’s facilities, and a pool that we love returning to each and every summer to a group of lifeguards we call our friends. The guards know our students and their best “moves” on the board. They appreciate our jokes and our splashing and they are the kindest group of people to hang out with all summer.

Ida loves a few of the ladies in the water aerobics class. They like to chat on the side of the pool on the lawn chairs while soaking up a few rays here and there.


Matt usually makes his way over to the empty lifeguard tower next to Ida and tries splashing the chair with water. Matt loves to splash water. He uses his hands, his arms, his legs, and his feet to make the biggest splashes he possibly can. It is fun to watch his smile get bigger and bigger as his splashes do.

Nadia, the water princess, takes her time to do laps. She swims from side to side, very kindly swimming around anyone who walks her path. She tightens her goggles, straightens her hair, pulls up her smile and takes a few strokes at a decent clip. She has gotten better as the summer has moved along, all on her own and with a smile on her face. She takes full advantage of the water and dips her head in, replacing her goggles before another stroke. This girl has talent. (She’s a great dancer, too.)



Gianna walks around the pool making sure everyone is doing their “thing”. She loves to make sure everyone is in their favorite spot and helps the staff to remember who needs assistance in getting out of the pool at the end of our adventure. She is very diligent in helping with students who need a little extra assistance. She might jump in instead of using the ramp, but only if everyone else is happy in their activity!


The pool will be seeing many changes in the next year. It’s renovation is underway now that the gates are closed for the season. We hope to see our friends next summer and continue our love for the water and our local pool!

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