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Students Volunteer at Down Syndrome of Central Kentucky Fundraiser

Tonight,  four students, Tim, Sarah, Andy, and Dorothy, will volunteer at the Down Syndrome of Central Kentucky (DSACK) fundraiser at Talon Winery in Lexington.  The Down Syndrome of Central Kentucky (DSACK) fundraiser is one of many recent opportunities we have had to participate in DSACK events.  Most recently, ten students attended a picnic that a DSACK family hosted and enjoyed a wonderful evening meeting people with Down’s syndrome from Kentucky and their families and loved ones.

The fundraiser’s goal is to inform professionals in the community and surrounding communities about people with disabilities and all of their amazing capabilities!  We know that people with disabilities are meaningful employees and contributors of our society and are glad to be a part of an opportunity to show others what we know is true, and what we at Stewart Home & School see every single day.  We are thrilled to participate in an event that informs the community of the importance of including people with disabilities into the workplace, and our students are really looking forward to assisting others and having the change to show what they can do. Our students love the opportunity to work and help others. Our students will assist in this event on the greatest level by showcasing their capabilities through volunteering for the event as servers. They will be volunteering as the evening’s servers, making sure everyone has drinks, food, and anything the need to have a wonderful meal. We know what a great job they will do!
Tim in particular is thrilled for the opportunity. He has been practicing for the evening’s work, “I’m Tim, at your service.”  Sounds like a great evening, because you know Tim isn’t going to 
serve without that smile! 

For more information on DSACK and this wonderful event, please visit:

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