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Student Spotlight – Alison

Independent Living – A Promotion

Alison has been a student at Stewart Home & School since June 2001! We have had the pleasure of watching her grow from a pre-teen cutie into a beautiful young lady!

During the week, Alison is in classes half a day. When she is not in class, she is working at one of her two jobs. One of Alison’s best attributes is her willingness to help others. She loves her job with Joy Boone in the Practical Academics Classroom, and her job in the Equestrian Center. Alison goes out of her way to be kind to others, and always makes sure everyone feels loved and included.

Several years ago, Alison was ‘promoted’ to self care! She takes her responsibilities very seriously, and always keeps her room neat and well organized. She enjoys learning new tasks to help her become a better self care student.

Alison is an outstanding athlete and participates in basketball, soccer, flag football, softball, and any other team sport available! Alison also loves music and has quite a choral repertoire! She sings in the choir and loves performing solos, especially those from Disney movies.

Some of Alison’s other activities are the book club, the library club, current events class, dinner & a movie, just to name a few. She works out 2 afternoons a week on strength training and general fitness.

When she has time in her busy schedule, Alison enjoys going on town trips and trying out different restaurants.

As you can see, Alison is a well-rounded student! We are so very glad to have Alison at SHS! She is a bright shining star!

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