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Student Ambassador Award

Student Ambassador Award Honors Mentor

At Stewart Home & School, there is nothing we enjoy more than praising and applauding our outstanding students for their accomplishments. We recently found ourselves so overwhelmed with a student’s outstanding behavior, that we decided to create an award. The Student Ambassador Award honors a student who excels in representing the school, particularly to newly enrolled students, and takes it upon him/herself to help mentor other students. Katie demonstrated this by initiating this role in helping new students to class, learn their schedules, m introducing them to her friends, and encouraging their participation in group activities. Katie was, of course, our first recipient but we do not anticipate that she will be our last!

2 comments on Student Ambassador Award

  1. Allen Meisler says:

    Love Katie!

  2. Aunt Wendy says:

    Katie is awesome! So proud of her!

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