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Stewart Home’s Got Talent!

Stewart Home’s Got Talent Almost Ready!

written by Peggy Mucci,Fine Arts Teacher

Thirty two students had so much fun  in the gym practicing for the upcoming talent show organized by the Fine Arts and Music Departments. The talent show which takes place at 1:30 on March 12th is aptly named “Stewart Home’s Got Talent!”. The concept of the talent show was the brainchild of its creator, Jon. Jon thought it would be fun to have an activity where students could not only show their talents, but work together to put on an entertaining show for the students. The student body puts on a huge production for our yearly family weekend; however, in order for the show to go smoothly and have as many students involved as possible, the Stewart Home students are usually not in the audience to see the Spring Play in it’s entirety.

“Stewart Home’s Got Talent”  will be more laid back.  Students from the Fine Arts classes are putting on the show themselves under the direction of Fine Arts teacher Peggy Mucci and assisted by the show’s creator Jon. Each student helped in the process of selecting a song, dance, poem, or comedy act that showcased their individual talent potential.

All of the students have worked hard in class as well as practiced on their own to perfect their acts which when put all together, provide an entertaining show that ends with a finale that involves the audience. Rachael Stewart will also be assisting by directing backstage. Music Department Director Michael Ghant is busy putting final touches on the show by editing music and making sure all technical directions are noted so everything goes off without a hitch. We are just about ready! Thank you, Jon, for coming up with such a great idea!

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