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Stewart Home & School Participates in Miss Woodford Co. Fair Pageant

This past weekend on Sunday June 2nd, some of our students got to go to the Woodford County fair. There they were involved in a pageant called the ‘Woodford County Fair Shining Star’, where they are able to showcase their unique personalities. Our students involved were Erica, Morga, Gloria and Trinka. They were accompanied by Kristi Burke and she said, “They were a little nervous, except Gloria.” And “They were excited to try something new.” The crowd was cheerful and energetic making it a great atmosphere. At the pageant they were able to walk out and introduce themselves, then they were asked some questions to get to know them.

After all that awards were given out. Erica got Miss Flawless and Morgan got Miss Fantastic. Trinka was crowned Miss Brave and Gloria won it all, being named Miss Woodford County Fair Shining Star. When asked about the pageant Gloria replied, “I never expected to win.” She also said “It was wonderful and made me feel good.” Gloria had a great time and was able to see new people.  Morgan was asked about her favorite part, and she said, “My favorite part was getting the award and watching the kids dance.” Our students had a great time there and enjoyed getting to do something new.

_Josh Lumpkins

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