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Start of the Summer Schedule

Summer Learning

A new semester is starting as students transition into their summer schedules here at Stewart Home & School, a residential school for students of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Students are buzzing around talking about the different summer classes and activities that are available, as well as new summer trips and outings. “We look for new opportunities every year,” said Superintendent David Sellwood. “We promote activities of all interests so that every one of our students has something to enjoy,” he said.

Stewart Home & School is unique in that it offers a focus on lifelong learning, assigning each person an education plan. Most special education programs end at age 21, but Stewart Home & School focuses on continuing education, goals for vocational placement, social maturity growth, and daily living skills training. All of which are taught in the classroom and out all year long. “Active involvement means brighter, healthier, happier students,” said David Sellwood.

Students look forward to the trips and enjoy the change of scenery in their new class schedule. “I like the summer schedule because it challenges me,” said Zoe. Students receive a new schedule after Memorial Day as a part of Stewart Home & School’s year-round, three semester school year. “You can challenge yourself in different ways,” she said.

The faculty of the school program has experience with the learning styles of people with Autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and Williams syndrome, as well as other intellectual disability diagnoses.  It is the objective of the school program to creatively plan successful learning experiences for all students throughout the year, as well as compliment these programs with ongoing activities and trips that keep our students active and social. “We are excited to see students of all ages learning and growing and far exceeding even their own expectations,” said Assistant Director Shelley Sellwood-Davis.

Each summer Stewart Home & School embraces the dichotomy of excitement and relaxation. Trips off campus, and picnics in the pavilion are on the regular schedule. “The trips we have planned this summer mean mental stimulation, and critical thinking. They mean exercising, learning, and building friendships with finding common ground for interests,” said David Sellwood.

Summer trips are an important part of the summer fun at Stewart Home & School. The zoo, amusement parks, train rides, baseball games, swimming, cookouts, and lots of outdoor activities really keep things fun and exciting and keep students’ social calendars full. “The trips are my favorite part; Kentucky Kingdom!” said Richie, Stewart Home & School student. “It’s a good time all together because the weather is nice and you get to be outside,” said Stewart Home & School student Zoe.

“We want our students to explore and learn, and get the most out of their surrounding environment,” said David Sellwood; whether that be in the classroom, on our campus, or on a day trip. “Our fun-filled, packed summer time is both an educational experience and an opportunity for growth.”

Every summer begins a new adventure and a new chance to create life-long lasting memories with friends at Stewart Home & School. “It is our privilege and duty to be able to provide them with these moments that make life special,” said David Sellwood.

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