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Special Touch Ministries

Stewart Home & School students have attended Special Touch Ministries KY Summer Get Away Program since 2003!

This is a week-long camp held in Crestwood, Kentucky.  The purpose of this week is to present the Gospel of Christ to those with special needs at their level of understanding.

There are two different get aways going on simultaneously during this week of camp. One camp is geared for those with physical disabilities and the other get away is for those with mental disabilities.We have campers and guests coming from different parts of Kentucky combined who spend the week learning and worshiping with us. Our volunteer staff come from local churches.

Some of the staff I have worked with at Special Touch Camp have come to Stewart Home & School to visit our students on the weekends. When one of our long-time guests and student who attended the get away passed away one of the speakers with her daughter who had been a caregiver came for the service held here at school. Another student was reunited with a longtime friend she hadn’t seen in years at the get away. The week of the KY Get Away is about making new friends and surprisingly seeing some old friends. Everyone has an opportunity to create new friendships during the morning recreational activities and morning chapels.

During this week of camp, there are morning recreational activities and morning chapels. In the afternoon there are activities and crafts going on for both get aways on their separate schedules.  In the evening after dinner, everyone has time to get ready for the evening service where both groups come together to worship and hear the main speaker.  Each year there is a theme, and this summer the theme for this week is “The Winner’s CROWN” I Corinthians 9:25. 

Special Touch Ministry, Inc. was started in 1982 by Charlie & Debbie Chivers.  This is a national ministry to people with disabilities.  Special Touch also offers ministry and support services to families of those with disabilities and their caregivers.  Our national office is located in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

 I, Kusum Neal, have been with Special Touch since 1994, when I attended the Special Touch Ministries Illinois Get Away with my husband Todd (now deceased).  In 1995 Kentucky had its first get away, at which time Todd and I started attending.  In 2001, I was asked to coordinate the Kentucky Get Away and I am still serving in that capacity. We are looking forward to a wonderful week of ministry!

Kusum Neal, Coordinator

For more information on Special Touch Ministries, Inc., please visit http://www.specialtouch.org/

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