Special Olympics National Games 2015 - Stewart Home & School

Special Olympics National Games 2015

Unified Bowling Partners Make Special Olympics National Games 2015

It is with great honor to announce Michael Ghant, SHS Music Director, and Resident Steve will be representing both Stewart Home & School and the state of Kentucky in the Special Olympics National Games 2015 at the Special Olympics National Bowling Tournament this week.

Michael and Steve were selected by consistently placing either  1st or 2nd place for the last several years in all Unified Bowling Competitions.  This will be their 4th National Tournament.

They have participated in the National Tournaments over the past few years that were held in Baton Rouge Louisiana; Albuquerque New Mexico and Corpus Christi Texas.  This year’s tournament will be in El Paso Texas.

Joining them will be another athlete from Lexington and her bowling partner from Louisville.

 We wish them luck in their competition and a great time in El Paso!

2 comments on Special Olympics National Games 2015

  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Congratulations to Steve and Michael! What a great honor. You will have all the residents, staff and their families to root you on to victory! Good Luck!

    If someone can tell me the days they will be gone, I will pray extra hard they are victorious .

    1. Tricia Spaulding says:

      They will be gone today (Monday, March 2) through Monday, March 9th. Thank you for your prayers and your support!

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