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Special Olympics of Kentucky Summer Games

The Special Olympics of Kentucky Summer Games were absolutely awesome. This image really sums it all up, doesn’t it? Awesome really is a strong word, but if you have ever been there, you really know how much this word sums up the overall experience at the Summer Games. Stewart Home & School took 63 student athletes to the games and we believe they all deserve great praise for their efforts, their patience, and their skills. It was a weekend full of fun, hard work, and partying. The weather was perfect and our students showed amazing sportsmanship and support for their fellow athletes.

“We had a blast!”

– Amber

Being a part of the 1200+ Parade of Atheletes was an amazing experience. Eastern Kentucky University really knows how to treat their guests. We really love knowing we will return to such a nice facility and a nice part of the state. We really appreciate what Eastern Kentucky University has done for us and all the athletes in Special Olympics of Kentucky.

Despite losing both games, the Panthers accomplished a great deal over the course of the season and really extended their knowledge and strategy in the game over the season. We are so proud of them all!

Our swimmers were super impressive. Every single swimmer medaled!! That is a huge accomplishment. We want to make sure they get the recognition for that awesome accomplishment!

Overall, the weekend is a wonderful weekend in which our students work for all year. We cannot extend a bigger THANK YOU to Special Olympics of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University for all they have done for us.

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  1. Katy m Lowe says:

    Hey Amber and Sarah
    Good luck and I hope that you guys do your best to win whatever you win, and I miss you guys so much.

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