SHS Does the Ice Bucket Challenge - Stewart Home & School

SHS Does the Ice Bucket Challenge

SHS Ice Bucket Challenge

Several of our students learned of what has become a very popular fundraiser—the ice bucket challenge—and took it upon themselves to organize and implement one of their very own!  Bradley, Alesa, and Amber successfully, and very bravely I might add, did the ice bucket challenge.  True to form, they passed the challenge on.  Michael Ghant, our music director, and Pam Andrews, our fitness instructor, completed it alongside me.  Our response to their challenge came on Friday afternoon at the conclusion of our Camp Stewart Home & School week.  It was quite the fitting end!  As all of our student body and our teachers looked on, several all-too-eager students dumped HUGE buckets of ice cold water over our heads!  Needless to say, it was much colder than any of us imagined!

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