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Comfort in a Shoe Store

Local Shoe Store Comfort

Middy and I visited Cool Comfort shoe store in Frankfort to pick up a pair of shoes his sisters had him fitted for during their last visit. I had never been in the store before and I was really impressed. It had a great “vibe” and some awesome shoes and clothing. The store was spacious and even has space on the other side of the store for the yoga class they offer.

While we waited our turn, we looked around and made ourselves at home. The owner, Francee Schloesser, was fantastic. She had Middy sit down and try on his shoes that had been specially ordered for him, put the bungee laces in for him so they would be easier for him to take on and off, and then made sure they fit him and were comfortable for him. I really appreciate the time she took with us. Many places these days aren’t very personal, warm, or friendly. Cool Comfort wasn’t that way at all. We didn’t feel rushed and I felt like Francee truly cared and wanted to make sure Middy’s shoes fit him well and were comfortable.
I really appreciate how great Francee was with Middy. She remembered him as well as his sisters from their previous visits, which I thought was great. I know his sisters specifically go to Cool Comfort when they come into town to visit Middy because they know Francee will take good care of Middy and make sure he has what he needs.
Thanks for such a great visit!
written by Jen Anderson (and Middy)

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  1. Nancy Hyde says:

    This is great to know. We’ll take Stephen there the next time we are in town.
    Nancy and Art Hyde

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