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Science Experiments Gone Wrong, and Right!

Sometimes, things don’t turn out how we expected them to… that is especially true with science experiments! Class started out learning about growth and beans sprouting roots and growing. Each student “planted” a bean in a cup or baggie with a wet paper towel and watered the sprout to see it grow. Some didn’t grow. They rotted!

This did not discourage us. In fact, it spawned a brand new teaching unit in science class! Decomposition!! We all love to hear about this, don’t we? It is the circle of life and how fun that an experiment failing actually created a whole new unit for us to learn about this summer!

IMG_3184 IMG_3183

Some students planted theirs in a cup using cotton balls as soil. Some students put theirs in a bag with a wet paper towel and then taped them to the window in order to get light exposure.

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