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Sarah’s Says “Be There”

Sarah’s Saying is a blog series that highlights quotes our students live by here at Stewart Home & School. What better way to share these quotes than by our students?

“Be there when people need you.”

written by Sarah
I am there if they need help or need someone to talk to about things. If they came to me and wanted to talk to me I would be there.
I can help others if they don’t understand something. If they see me and they want to run something by me, I would help them.
If they need me for something that they might think that I can help them with, I would help them and then help them a good role model.
Maybe they need reminders, maybe they need talking, maybe they don’t, maybe they need you to be there for them when they are upset. If something happens in their family, I am there for them. I know how it feels and I am there for them. They need a friend to talk to. I can be there just for company, or maybe they are lonely and need someone to encourage them.

You can look in someone’s eye and tell how they need to come to you privately. I try and do something if someone asks me to. I will be more punctual if needed.
People have helped me when I was sad and they ask me if I need to talk and I share how I feel. It helps me to go to someone to play games, talk, or do something that would cheer me up. If I am happy and I want them around, it helps me to know they are there for me whenever I need them.
The school (Stewart Home & School) has helped me a lot and how to be a better person. They helped me live on my own. I see a difference in myself because I see myself doing things I should do, like watching my health. I am thankful people are here when I need help. I am thankful for all the help. I am thankful for the support through hard times, easy times, being there for exciting things. Stewart Home School supported me through helping out the ABLE act. The school is amazing. You see the outcome when people come to school here, they are more trustworthy, outgoing. I know they are there for me when I really need them. All the stuff I learned before I got here, I have improved toward my goals. I am thankful for the school for helping me with my goals.
(The world) would be a better place because helping others makes you feel happy, excited to see other people take their own time helping other people. It makes me feel happy that instead of doing their own thing, they help people who need help. It made me feel special to help other students out. It made me feel special when someone can look up to me and ask me for help.
Think of others before you think of yourself.

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  1. Karen Brachman says:

    What an amazing and AWESOME young woman. I am proud to know and love her. It makes me HAPPY to see you write.

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