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Sarah Featured In Newspaper

Sarah Profiled as “Frankfort Face” In Local Newspaper!

It makes me feel happy and exciting that I am in the newspaper!

It’s hard to describe how I feel. I have never been in the newspaper (like this) and it makes me feel special and honored.

It means a lot to me for expressing that I achieved so many personal goals and that I achieved to work in D.C. for supporting Down syndrome and the ABLE Act. It is really important to me and it feels really good inside that I did something right for a change. I have heard from various peeople when I first started on it that I was told that I was the “voice of Down sydrome”… and that meant a lot to me. I feel special and honored and happy that they chose me on behalf of all of people with Down syndrome.

To all people with Down syndrome: No matter what you are you should feel special no matter what anyone says.. God made us equally special… not only do we have downs, but we have a little extra!

3 comments on Sarah Featured In Newspaper

  1. Diane Goetter says:

    That is a wonderful honor for Sarah! She is special as are all the people with Downs Syndrome ! I personally know many who have it and each have special talents. God gave them to us so we would have these Angels in our life! Way to go Sarah! You are indeed very special.

  2. Jan says:

    What a great story. Congratulations Sarah. You obviously are a very smart and multi-talented young lady. You should be the poster girl for any “Oh yes I can !” campaign.

  3. Meg says:

    Congratulations Sarah! You are an inspirational advocate!

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