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Richie’s Review – “Food As It Should Be”

Panera Bread is a café and bakery all together. Their motto is ‘food as it should be’. Peggy, Lori and I went to have lunch at Panera Bread. Lori had a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon and a bag of chips and a Chocolate chip cookie and a Lemonade. Peggy had the you pick two with a half turkey and half kale panini and a beet citrus salad, chips and a water. I had the Grilled Cheese Sandwich a Dr. Pepper and a Chocolate chip cookie. For all 3 of us the cost was $34.15. Panera Bread costs more than a fast food restaurant but the food is fresh and is cooked fresh. It costs a little bit more to go here but at Panera Bread it’s fresh and fresh is better.

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  1. Janet Pierce says:

    When I go to Panera, I get the half sandwich, usually turkey, cranberry,spinach on whole grain bread, the ‘cup’ of tomato or onion soup and I have a nice crisp apple as my side with unsweetened herb tea. It’s delicious, pricier than mainline fast food places but contains nutritional ingredients. Cookies, chips and lemonade are offered but they are full of sugar, fat and salt and need to be avoided by most of us.

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