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Richie’s Restaurant Reviews

Richie’s Restaurant Reviews

We went to Hudson Hollow today for lunch. it’s a new restaurant in Frankfort. Alison and Jeff went with us. Alison got Pork and Brisket tacos, beans and a diet coke, Jeff had the chicken tenders with Barbecue sauce, with French Fries and Lemonade. Peggy ordered the Reuben sandwich, Brussels sprouts and water. I also had the Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard dipping Sauce, Mac and cheese, and a Dr. Pepper. Our server’s name was Veacy. I thought she did a good job. Dan, the owner of the restaurant stopped by our table twice to make sure we had everything we needed. The price for our lunch for the 4 of us was reasonable, about what you would expect to pay at Applebee’s or O’Charleys but the dinner entrees are a little expensive. I really liked the restaurant – the mac and cheese was really good and I would go again.

Here is the link for the new restaurant for more information on the establishment.

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