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Richie’s Restaurant Review

Today we went to Chili’s Grill and bar on our town trip. Chili’s first
opened in Dallas Texas in 1975. It has a mix of south western texas inspired
American favorites. Lori had Chicken crispers, the crispy kind, with Honey
Mustard dipping sauce. She also had fries and a lemonade. I also had Chicken
crispers but I had the original batter with Honey Mustard dipping sauce. I
also had fries and a coke zero. Douglas had the southern smoke house burger
with fries and a diet coke. Peggy had the Caribbean salad with water. Our
server Taylor was a very good server because she checked on us to make sure we got
everything we asked for. The total cost was more than a fast food restaurant
but was still reasonable for the 4 of us. I would recommend this restaurant
because it’s close to the school and to take family there for Family Weekend
for a quick meal.

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