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Richie’s Restaurant Review

Chick Fil A is a new restaurant in Frankfort Ky. It started in 1946 in Georgia. Mr. Cathy invented Chick Fil A’s Boneless Chicken Sandwich  which they are known for. We are very excited to have a Chick Fil A in Frankfort. One of the  SHS students works there;  her name is Amber.

Peggy, Alison, and I went to lunch at Chick Fil A. We had to stand in line to order but the line went pretty quickly. Peggy had the Chicken Wrap, Waffle Fries and a Lemonade. Allison had the 8 piece Chicken Nuggets, Fries and a Diet Coke. I had the 3 piece Chicken Tender with a Coke Zero. As soon as we sat down the order was delivered to us and it was very fast. For the 3 of us the cost was 20 dollars and 12 cents.

I liked the food at Chick Fil A better than the other places I’ve eaten chicken at. I would recommend this restaurant to others because it is very close to the school and families can take their students for a quick meal for Family Weekend.

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