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Richie is Fearless.. and Talented

“Richie is Fearless!”

This post is part of the Talent Tuesday Series.

Without a doubt, our Richie is one of the most talented young men on campus. It is difficult to select just one area of talent, so we will try and feature a little bit of everything!

Richie is 30 (almost 31!!) years old and comes to us from Park City, Utah. He loves music, sports, computers, and many other things in between!

Of course you may be aware that Richie is our blog’s restaurant critic – he chooses a restaurant each month and lets everyone know just what he thinks of it! Richie is the last word on chicken tenders! What a connoisseur!

Richie is also very musically talented, with a voice that is equally at home in the classics as well as heavy metal. He is becoming an awesome drummer, and he plays the keyboard for the youngsters in Sunday School at his church in Frankfort.

Richie is a technological genius! He can operate his computer, his iPod, his Braille note, and his victor stream reader, like a pro, often leaving his sighted instructors in the dust! With all his gadgets, Richie is able to keep up with his classwork, and even reads the SHS Book Club selections along with the rest of the club members.

Richie is fearless! He loves amusement park rides, motorcycle riding and doesn’t let little things like water and snow stop him!  At home, Richie earned the nickname “8 Second Richie”. These videos will give you an idea why:


Richie is certainly someone who takes advantage of everything possible, and lives life to the fullest! Richie, you are a terrific role model!


written by Peggy, Richie’s correspondent teacher


6 comments on Richie is Fearless.. and Talented

  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Richie, you are an inspiration to all of us, not just SH&S residents! You are a great role model as well. Keep inspiring all of us!

  2. Sue Kooring says:

    Way to go Richie!!! I’m so proud to know you. I tell all of my friends about your many talents – all of which I wish I shared with you – especially your tech knowledge. Keep up the great life!!!

  3. Allyson Lyle says:

    Richie, you are the man! You do it all – daredevil sports, performing, schoolwork, and on top of all that you’re a mega techno-geek! I want to enjoy life as much as you do – that’s my goal for 2015 – to be more like you. Love you Richie, Allyson (Brad says hi, too)

  4. Kathy Lee says:

    Richie, you never cease to amaze! Your enthusiasm for life is contagious. Keep doing what you are doing, you are an inspiration to everyone!

  5. Kathy Penrose - says:

    Richie: You are the greatest and certainly braver than I am. As I watched you being towed around on the tube I was more worried about you running into the car. But of course you didn’t and loved every minute of it as you do all the fun things you can do in your life. You are a great example to all os us and we love yoou so much.

  6. Vickie Christensen says:

    Congratulations on making the new’s! Now you can add being famous to your long list of accomplishment’s!
    Your fearlessness and joy in everything you do is a gift you give freely to everyone who know ‘s you.
    Thank you.

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