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Preacherman James

Preacherman James Tells Us About His Nickname

James was given the special nickname of “Preacherman” here at Stewart Home & School because of his Bible study and deep fellowship he displays here on a daily basis. His love and knowledge of God’s word is impressive, devout, and everlasting. James frequently shares his favorite passages with fellow students and will start  sharing them with you all! 


Because I know the Bible verse by verse, Mrs. Kristie gave me that nickname. It’s an honor to have that nickname because I know it chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph. And they had shepherds, animals, and three wise men. When Jesus grew up (in the book of John), he turned the water into wine. It was a miracle.

He healed 10 leapers, and a blind man. Jesus had 12 disciples. He named them Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Bartholomew, Thaddeus, Peter, James, Phillip, Andrew…

I like to read the Bible because it is my past time. The Bible comes first.

God Bless you this holiday, Christmas season.


Preacherman James

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