A Spin on Talent Tuesday - Stewart Home & School

A Spin on Talent Tuesday

A Spin on Talent

Choreographed by Paul

We want to invite you to join us every Tuesday for a snippet of talent our students want to share with you. Lifelong learning at Stewart Home & School also involves nurturing the passion and talent within each and every student. Everyday we, as staff, get the chance to see these talents, but we want you to see them too! Please feel free to leave comments and share with your friends as we share the joy and happiness our students share with us everyday. 


We would like to introduce Paul! Paul has many talents. Paul has amazing balance that allows his to spin around in circles as he listens to his music. Paul likes to ride horses, play basketball, and likes to read magazines. Paul really gets into his music during correspondence in the afternoons. He likes to type to his family and he loves Skyping.


Want to see more? Visit our YouTube page where all of our talent videos are featured. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo38IF9CdExNyq0M1BTAsEg

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