Patrick receives SHS Citizenship Award - Stewart Home & School

Patrick receives SHS Citizenship Award

Patrick receives SHS Citizenship Award

Patrick receives SHS Citizenship Award

At our Annual Awards Ceremony last week, Patrick received the SHS Citizenship Award. His famly was so proud of him, and wrote us such a lovely letter, we just had to share it:

Hi Everyone,

Barbara and I are still in awe over the awards Patrick received last week. Considering where he started to where he is now, is a miracle! And you are God’s miracle workers!
All weekend we reflected on your efforts. . You gave him the opportunity to change his life in a culture of compassion, care, love, and support and never gave up on him – and he responded. Bobbie – we remember your story about telling Patrick you had too much invested in him to fail. Sandra – we remember your talk with Patrick two weeks after he arrived. That conversation was the turning point as Patrick knew you were going to help him. David – we remember you calling me one morning because Patrick had a dream I had died. Troy and Paul – you have kept us in touch with Patrick’s daily ups and downs.

You and all of your staff and students have become our extended family. When I left Patrick a couple of weekends ago, I felt like I was leaving home – not going home.

We tell many people about you and Patrick’s progress. I tell them that SHS is a balanced combination of Disney World and Boot Camp run by Angels.

Since we do not know all of your staff and students that have supported Patrick, please let them know how much we have appreciated all they have done and continue to do.

We pray each day that you and your families receive all of the blessings you deserve in the abundance you have given us.

Love, Peace, and Prayers,
Tom & Barbara