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“Paddington”; Perfect for Us

“Paddington”, a movie review by SHS student, Sharon

Paddington is one of this year’s most popular movies that has come out since the first of this year.  The entire school went to see it today.  It was better than we thought it would be.  It is a story about a little bear that lived in darkest Peru and his home got destroyed suddenly.  Paddington inherited a red hat from an explorer who visited Peru one time and said to Paddington, “If you need a home, come to London—you will get the warmest welcome there.”  Paddington’s aunt, who was an elderly bear, put Paddington on a bought bound for London as a stow-away.  On the way to London, Paddington, who was hidden in a lifeboat under a cover, ate jars of orange marmalade and had an orange marmalade sandwich under his hat for emergencies.  When he got to London, he did not get a warm welcome at all.  It was raining, but to make a long story short, a couple sort of adopted him and gave him the name of Paddington.  A lot of hilarious mishaps happened to him, like starting a flood at his new house and then a fire and then almost ending up as a stuffed bear of which his new family rescues him and gives him a new home finally.

It was a heartwarming story and had a very happy ending to it also!

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  1. Diane Goetter says:

    I have not seen Paddington, but from Sharon’s review, it sounds like a good movie that may be worth seeing. Sharon, that was a great review! Thank you for sharing!.

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