Notes from SHS President Barry Banker - Stewart Home & School

Notes from SHS President Barry Banker

"It's a Wonderful Life" - Family Weekend 2012

"It's a Wonderful Life" - Family Weekend 2012

CELEBRATE! Kool and the Gang had a song called “Celebration” – I’m showing my age! We have so very much to celebrate! First on the list – CATS ARE NATIONAL CHAMPS!!! Hang the Banner in Rupp Arena – AGAIN! Did you also know they are ranked NUMBER 1 in Baseball as of today!?!?

Next – celebrate the incredible spirit and enthusiasm that all our staff and students are displaying in our attempt to help the American Red Cross! Thanks to the Committee – Tammy Blau, Misty Cox, Kristen Quire, Barbie Railey, Eddy Shouse, Patti Wooldridge, and special appreciation to Melissa Ford and Machele Lawless for spearheading this wonderful idea. The originality and creativity of all the departments has been just phenomenal, and we are going to raise a lot of money for this great cause that helps so many people in times of crisis.

Rejoice in Spring – oops, did we really have Spring, with those 70s and 80s in March and April, or did we fast forward to Summer? We did dip down to 27 a couple nights ago, so it’s not summer yet. Nonetheless, the mild winter allowed us to save on energy, salt and provided uplifted spirits among students and staff, which is priceless.

And CELEBRATE our students and their families, which we are about to do in a month at Family Weekend – “It’s a Wonderful Life’. I know everyone is bringing their A game for these next 30 days as we prepare to show all these family members for 3 days what we do the other 362 days.

Lastly, Praise God for allowing us the blessings of loving and caring for our students each and every day.