Notes From Dr. Johnny - Stewart Home & School

Notes From Dr. Johnny

It’s September, and Fall is in the air. Though my wife, Dr. Magdalene, the consummate gardener, loves the spring and summer with its bloom and flowers, I have always loved Autumn. The air is crisp, Indian Summer is a delight and Mother Nature’s palette is our breathtaking Fall foliage.

One thing that does not change is the level of health care we seek to deliver at Stewart Home School. Though obviously biased by 28 years of participation with our clinic, I feel the quality of our product is continuing.

Over the years, there has been change in our personnel and the office layout, but the formula is a constant: RX + TLC (Medical Therapy + Tender Loving Care), strives for wellness. The complexity of medical issues we face with our residents is formidable, but our dedicated staff works 24/7 to meet the challenges.

So it’s time for football, back to school and the Fall meet for Kentucky thoroughbred racing. And for those of you fortunate enough to visit (or work on) our campus next month, you will see one of my favorite sights anywhere. Along the fence between our two entrances, the line of golden maples, appropriately nicknamed, “October Glory”.
– Dr. John D. Stewart, II