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New Vocational Skills Class

Teaching Vocational Skills and Student Independence

Life and Vocational Skills class, taught by Jennifer Johnson, will be doing many things around campus and in the classroom to keep busy and learn.

On nice days, students will work outside on cleaning the campus, learning and working on skills such as picking up, taking out the trash, and sweeping the sidewalks.

Classes 1-6 will target preschool and kindergarten through second grade activities. We will review and learn our ABCs and 123s, colors, shapes, seasons, and month and days of the year. We will be working on fine motor skills such as writing and gross motor skills such as buttoning buttons, zipping zippers, and tying shoes. We will work on eye-hand coordination, along with sorting and working puzzles. The biggest goal of this class is to enhance the students’ independence. We will be working hand in hand putting things away, folding laundry, taking out the trash, and cleaning the classroom.

Class six will be working with discovering different jobs. Daily jobs they may have on their dorm and jobs they may have out in the community. We will discuss how you would get job, what a job is, and what is entailed in a job. We will work on our hand writing skills to fill out applications, learning basic information such as name, address, and phone number, and we will work on the skills needed for a particular job around campus.

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  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Sounds like a good class to learn or to reinforce those skills. Jennifer is a good teacher and a good person. Glad you highlighted her and her class!

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