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New Practical Academics Teacher

Welcome Our New Practical Academics Teacher

Written by Jessica Deeter

I have always wanted to be a teacher, but really didn’t considered Special Education at first. However, I always had a special place in my heart for those with special needs. So, while making my schedule as a junior in high school, I was ecstatic to see that a student aide spot was open in the Special Education classroom. A couple days in, I knew that that is what I wanted to do when I grew up!

My first semester of college at EKU was a terrible experience so I transferred to Kentucky State here in Frankfort. There I met a girl who told me about Stewart Home & School. I had never heard of such a wonderful place, much less knew that it was located right underneath my nose!  In a very short amount of time from hearing about Stewart Home & School, I found myself lost in the grandeur of the campus, but finally made it to the Main Office. My plan was just to get an application; however, I was interviewed the very same day and began to work in the Recreation Department shortly after. At first, I only pictured it as a temporary position until I finished my degree because I was still focusing on teaching Special Education in a public school setting and figured it would be good experience.

Well here I am now, all grown up (I know that is a matter of opinion to some people).  After three and a half years of working in the recreation department and subbing, I have landed my dream job as the Practical Academics teacher at Stewart Home & School! I did not further pursue teaching in public schools after I finished my degree because I knew where my heart belonged and I knew God’s plan for me was to stay even if it took awhile to get where I wanted to be.  Because I’ve been at Stewart Home & School and have grown close with the students already, my new position really hasn’t sunk in. The only big change that I’ve noticed is that I find myself thinking I miss this or that student because I don’t get the chance to see everyone like I did because I only have  a small portion of the population of students in class. However, I still work a couple nights a week for Recreation so I make a point to try to visit with everyone then.

As the Practical Academics teacher, I plan to teach on subjects that students could use in everyday life. Most recently, we have been studying aspects of money such as counting, making change, buying things and getting cash back. In some classes we have started talking about percentages to determine tax on items and/or a tip at a restaurant.

Stewart Home & School, my position, and mostly the students, are such a blessing and I am so excited to begin a career here. God has truly blessed me once again and it never ceases to amaze me

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  1. Diane Goetter says:

    Sounds like the school and students are the ones who have been blessed. And, I like the new class. That is something that is a very helpful to everyone. Congratulations on your new promotion.

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