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Mayoral Message

Play parts is coming up and we are practicing for family weekend. I have a solo singing this year. The song is called “Testify to Love”. That song helps me rise above myself and not just for myself. ┬áThis family weekend is dedicated to Dr. Stewart because he is the one who founded Stewart Home in a long line of Stewarts. I just want to tell everyone that it makes me feel good that when he was here, he loved everybody! It makes me feel good that he loves us and the teachers, rec staff, and the ones that used the be here, he loves them too. I think Dr. Stewart as my very own dad and to recognize him this year with my solo is dedicated to him because I think everyone knows its for him. “Testify to Love” is a message in the song that is with the good Lord and pain free and he had a good heart. He loves everybody.

I want to tell everyone who just came like Jennifer, Carloine, and Time, that I am so blessed to have them at this beautiful school and am happy to have them as my sister and brothers. As mayor, I want to thank them for coming.

Have a safe trip coming up here to see our beautiful students and how talented they are. This familly weekend is dedicated to Dr. Stewart and we hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Diane Goetter says:

    This is a perfect view of Dr. Stewart and of the school itself! The staff has to be some of the most loving, selfless people I have ever met. They go over and beyond what is expected, as Dr. Stewart would want from anyone working there. The students are very talented and Family Weekend is not to be missed if possible. I wish our entire family were able to come and know they would be amazed! We look forward to being there and know we will once again wonder how it gets better every year. See y’all there. Good job Mayor!

    1. Tricia Spaulding says:

      Knowing how much Dr. Stewart loved us makes all things possible at Stewart Home & School. We continue his dream of lifelong learning here at school and Family Weekend is one way to show our families all we have done all year long. Thank you for the continued support, Mrs. Goetter, and all the support from all of our families. See you Family Weekend! Don’t forget to check out our family weekend page on the site.

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