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Look for the good in others… Sarah’s Sayings

Look for the good in others, our parents say. Sometimes it is easier said than done. But Sarah does it because she thinks it is important as a student, a friend, and a person. Continue reading as Sarah explains and shares hers thoughts on her favorite quotes.

“Look for the good in others.”

written by Sarah
Say you see someone who is upset, mad, or angry. How would you help them? You can help them by talking to them to see how they are feeling.
I can tell that they have the best at heart, even though they are being mean to me. I believe that God is with that person, but if they are being mean, God can help them be a better person than what they are doing.
God made us equal, he made us to be nice to people and also to look at the positive things and not the negative.
I think it’s very important (to see the good in people) because we are all family and all human beings and if somebody came to me and said something encouraging or nice, it makes that person be happy or excited about things.
They show excitement when you treat them well. And that’s what I wanted to see when I ran for Mayor. I wanted to look for the best in people. When I was running, I knew all of us (candidates) could show the students what good we could do for them, even though I didn’t win.
Arguing and fighting is hard to solve. But you can solve it by showing them your love and telling them that you love them and you are there for them no matter what the issue is. Sometimes we have a hard time communicating, but I know in my heart that I always have a way to communicate.
(When they are sad) I try and make them smile and say something they may enjoy or get them excited about something. Talk about something they are happy about… get them to smile, laugh, and sometimes think about happy things.

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