"Life Begins in College," said Amber. - Stewart Home & School

“Life Begins in College,” said Amber.

Hi there. This is Amber.

My life begins when I started to come to college in Kentucky at Stewart Home School.

I was home sick (and) I had teachers and staff, also friends, comfort me to feel like home here. Alisa helped me. She knew I was home sick and she is the bestest friend I ever had. I respect her and she is our Mayor. We listen to what she had to say to us here. She is love, kindness, happiness, careful, gentle, loving person. I thank he and she helps me a lot. Pam Andrews (fitness teacher) knew I started cross fit. I am glad my Dad told you I was doing Cross Fit. You helped me through it and I was really proud of you. You are my inspire of cross fit and that is my goal. Keep doing your job being my trainer and you are the best person I ever meet in my life. When I got here, when I was home sick, you helped me a lot. I appreciate it. I love you.


Written by Amber

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