A letter from the Mayor - Stewart Home & School

A letter from the Mayor

Hello from Pensacola.

I hope everyone is enjoying  the holidays.

We went  to Jackson, MS this year for Thanksgiving.

I was glad to see my family,

We had  so much fun being  together.

My aunt had  a plaque made  for me with my full name on it & mayor on


She had it on the Dining room table at my place as a Surprise, I have

been very responsible taking  care of everything.

I  have been taking  care of my Parents while they were sick.

I have been cleaning the whole houses so much.

Dust & my nose don’t mix.

I am capable of getting everything done.

I take  Ellie out  and she goes to  bed  I get her a treat, Close the

crate, she goes to sleep.

I sprained my ankle the other day while working out hard. It will be

better soon.

First thing  I would like  to do when  I get  back is make valentine

cards, And maybe a box for solders overseas. It takes a long time for

things to go that far. I  would like also  to hear suggestions from

everyone else.

So long for now.  I ll write again soon!

I miss everyone there Enjoy the holidays.

Angela, Stewart Home School Mayor

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